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Guild Information

Post#1 » Sun Feb 09, 2014 5:34 pm

Welcome to High Five!

Want to kill content while its current? Good, you look like someone who might understand what we are trying to build.

The members of <High Five> hold these values to be true of our guild:

Pillars of High Five
1. Progression without meaning is useless.
2. We expect you to be at your best, push yourself, each other, and know your shit.
3. We expect you to be part of the community and not just raid log.
4. Pixels will drop again. Pay it forward through recognition.
5. We expect you to be invested in the guild and fiercely loyal. You have a voice, a purpose, a duty to make High Five the guild you want it to be.

If you’re one of the best of your guild and you’re looking to find something that matters in this game. You need to be here.

We are recruiting
Immediate consideration for apps from exceptional dps as well as one healer (preferably paladin or priest that can DPS as well, if you can't still apply :) ). These are current holes in our roster. The roster is currently 22. All other competitive dps can apply as we may have spots opening shortly due to poor performance/attendance from current guild members, military service ,and change in class schedule. There is room for good people who want to make our team better and compete for the Legion roster.

We are definitely looking for competitive players who know their ***, want to push themselves to perform, be reliable, get to know us, and build an amazing environment for tiers to come. However, recruitment is currently very limited and only really possible with players with great logs or recommendations from guildies.

- Applicants are ideally geared enough and with good enough parses to be immediately competitive on progression and possibly earn a spot in every pull.

You should have about 50+ artifact traits, 885+ ilvl and be able to parse in the top 70% or higher of your class in mythic raids. If you have only heroic parses, they should be mostly 90-99th percentile. Ideally you have experience raiding at a high level and you're hungry for a better community and guild to be with for the long haul in Legion and beyond.

Our History and who we are
High Five is an end game raiding guild on US Area 52. We have raided end game content on Area 52 since CATA under this name. The guild has gone through iterations on other servers, but only a handful of those people remain. Many of us have raided on Area 52 since BC and have become close friends who provide the type of end game environment we want to play in. In High Five, you will find some of the best players at their positions. You will find humor and you will find significant progression on a 3 day schedule.

Raid Schedule
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:30pm(invites) then 9pm to 12 EST

Loot System
Officer Loot - Loot is distributed to those individuals that put the most effort into reaching our mission and pillars. A council of raid members are promoted monthly to vote on loot distribution as well.

Currently using: RCLootCouncil loot add-on

Current Content
Krosus - 4/10 - US 226 World 711 - this should have been last week, we made a mistake and went after Spellblade first, took 3 nights of progression while other guilds take 5-7
Trilliax – 3/10 – US 122 World 264
Guarm – 2/3 – US 191 World 645
Xavius - 7/7 - US 240 World 876

We then made some silly mistakes with progression focus (spellblade way too early) so we've slowed, we should pick it back up shortly and get through Krosus and Botanist this week or next!

Previous Content
Tier 18 - HFC:
End of Tier 18 - US 153 - World 586
Mythic Xhul/Tyrant (11/13) - US 149 World 528
Mythic Gorefiend - US 162 World 537
13/13H HFC - Archimonde US 171 World 616
Mythic Assault - US 230 World 760

Tier 17:
End of Tier 17 - US 180 World 558
Mythic Blackhand - US 181 World 567
Mythic Blast Furnace - US 175 World 587
Mythic Iron Maidens - US 164 World 622
Mythic Operator - US 211 World 824
Mythic Kromog - US 231 World 860
Other previous tiers were similiar, we've been killing stuff since Cata (for some of us longer into Wrath/BC together)

We've been around a while, and we're looking to find new people who want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Are you in?

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Re: Guild Information

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Updated and needs done 2/17/2017

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